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Pricing and discounts
All traxVault tracks are produced to the highest quality using top of the range instruments available today. Each track is individually priced and can be seen whenever the track is displayed in the results grids. All prices are in GBP, PayPal will convert the order value to your local currency when you check out.

traxVault offers a competitive discount for orders which contain more than one track

Its simple - the more you buy the more you save !!

For all orders of more than one track a discount of £1 per track ordered is applied.
e.g. If you order 5 tracks you will receive a discount of £5. Which means that the total order will be £25 instead of £30
This does not apply to our complete sets which count as 1 item.

Custom track prices vary. Our minimum charge for producing new tracks is £50 GBP, but depending on the length and complexity of the piece this price can increase. We do offer competitive discounts on orders requiring more than one track.

Our prices for creating new tracks are very competitive and don't cover our costs for producing them. We do this to give our customers good quality tracks at affordable prices. We recover these costs by putting the tracks on our website for general sale. This is done shortly after payment has been received and the track has been delivered. Exclusive quotes are available, please contact us.

If you need a track in a different key to the one advertised it will cost an extra £2.50 to have the track transposed. We do not use key shifters at traxVault. We will remaster the track again in the new key.

Contact us with your custom track requirements.

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