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Q + A

Q: Why can't I download to my ipad or iphone?
A: Apple does not allow this on their mobile devices. It is out of our control. Please use a PC or Mac to download the track and import into your itunes library. If you don't have access to a PC or Mac then use the email facility on your 'my files' page.

Q: Do you do discounts for large orders?
A: Yes,we offer a standard discount for all orders of more than one track.
The more you buy the more you save. Each track will attract a £1 saving, so if you buy 5 tracks you will save £5.
This does not apply to our complete sets which count as 1 item.

Q: Can I order tracks on CD?
A: traxVault is primarily a download site. It allows customers to instantly download their tracks immediately after payment is complete. However we will send a CD to customers who don't have the facility to burn their own media. This will add a cost of £3.99 to the order to cover the CD and postage.

Q: Can I use your tracks on my new CD?.
A: traxVault own the recording rights for all tracks. Our terms and conditions state that you cannot use our tracks for re-recording in any format (CD or YouTube clip etc.). However, please get in touch and ask for permission to do so. We usually agree provided that traxVault are credited for the tracks used.

Q: Do you produce MIDI files?
A: No. traxVault tracks are only available in audio format. We produce our tracks in mp3 so that customers can instantly download their tracks. If you require your tracks as wav files or on audio cd we can do this for a small fee to cover postage costs.

Q: Can I have my track in a different key?
A: Yes, we can deliver all our tracks in any key you want. This will add £2.50 to the cost of your track. contact us with your request and allow us 3 days (post payment) to process and send your track to you.

Q: Can I have my track re-arranged?
A: Yes, we can re-arrange all our tracks if the content is already present. i.e. we can shorten the track, remove a verse, add a chorus or repeat last lines etc. We can even add a play off section to the end of the track if you wish. contact us for a quote

Q: Can I pay via a different method?
A: Currently traxVault uses Paypal as its primary payment system. Please note that you don't have to have a PayPal account to pay for your tracks. Paypal will allow you to pay using all major payment cards.

Q: Can I pay in a different currency?
A: Yes, We display all prices in GBP, PayPal will convert this into your local currency when you check out.

Q: Can I download my track on another PC?
A: Yes, You can log into your account from any computer. You will have access to all your purchases.

Q: Do you use live instruments on your tracks?
A: Most tracks are produced using top class sound modules and keyboards. However we do use many musicians in the production of our tracks which gives us a live feel to our tracks. We never quantize the individual parts instead we keep the feel and groove of the original as close as possible.
We have used live instruments for some tracks i.e. guitar and brass. We will consider doing so for anyone who requests this but it will be reflected in the cost and time required to produce the track.

Q: If I order a new track will you sell it on the website aftewards?
A: We offer two rates for backing track production. The first rate is very reasonable and is the first quote we will give you when you enquire. If you opt for this rate then we will sell the track on our website shortly after you receive the track. This is the only way we can offer this rate and recover our costs. Our second rate is exclusive, meaning that it will not be sold after production. Please contact us us for details on this rate.

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