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Backing tracks for musicals
Title and Artist Length Listen Price Buy
101 Dalmatian street
Ive got my pups with me (Db)
Main tv show theme
1:01 £5
13 the musical
It can’t be true (F#)03:35 £6
25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
My Friend The Dictionary (F)02:19 £6
We Love Spelling (C)02:25 £6
42nd Street
Go into your dance (Eb)03:21 £6
We’re in the money (C)02:50 £6
A Christmas Story
The Genius on Cleveland street (Bb)03:34 £6
When you’re a wimp (B)03:16 £6
A Little Night Music
Send in the clowns (Eb)04:01 £6
All dogs go to heaven
I will always be with you (E)02:24 £6
An American in Paris
Stairway to paradise (G)03:47 £6
Annie 2004
I think I’m gonna like it here (A)03:30 £6
Annie get your gun
Anything you can do (Bb)03:31 £6
No business like show business (Ab)03:31 £6
Anything goes
Friendship (Bb)02:41 £6
Barbie and the secret door
I want it all (F)
Extended musical section
02:41 £6
Barbie as the island princess
Right here in my arms (reprise) (D)02:01 £6
Bat out of hell the musical
All coming back to me now (C)05:24 £8
Beauty and the Beast
Belle (edited) (A)04:48 £6
Billy Elliot
Electricity (D)05:53 £6
Electricity (W/O Dance section) (D)04:04 £6
Blood Brothers
A bright new day (D)04:20 £6
Easy Terms (F)04:19 £6
Entr’acte - Marilyn Munroe 2 (D)02:54 £6
Gypsies in the woods (C)01:10 £4
July the 18th (G)0:39 £3
Kids Game (G)03:12 £6
Light Romance / Madman (C)03:42 £6
Marilyn Munroe 3 (D)04:26 £6
One day in October (Em)0:39 £3
Secrets (Cm)0:59 £3
Shoes upon the table (G)02:23 £6
Summer sequence (Orig)02:24 £6
The council chamber (Orig)01:16 £3
The Robbery (Orig)01:02 £4
Bond - For Your Eyes Only
For your eyes only (G)02:52 £6
Broadway Bares
Happy Endings
Delivered in 4 parts to allow for dialogue
In one of my weaker moments (F)03:27 £6
Bugsy Malone
** Bugsy Malone complete set of songs **
Contains all the songs listed below.
Bad Guys (F#)02:04 £6
Bugsy Malone (C)02:29 £6
Down and out (F#)02:57 £6
Fat Sam (C)01:48 £6
I’m feeling fine (E)03:22 £6
My name is Tallulah (C#)03:30 £6
Ordinary fool (Eb)04:15 £6
So you want to be a boxer (F#)02:25 £6
Tomorrow (F)03:58 £6
You give a little love (F#)03:51 £6
Long John blues (F)02:50 £6
Calamity Jane
A womans touch (E)03:04 £6
Black hills of Dakota (Eb)02:40 £6
Deadwood stage (F)03:21 £6
Deadwood stage reprise (F)00:58 £2
Higher than a hawk (F)02:01 £6
Hive full of honey (Ab)02:10 £6
It’s Harry im planning to marry (F)01:54 £6
Keep it under your hat (Eb)01:35 £6
Keep it under your hat - half hearted (Eb)00:33 £2
Once I had a secret love (C)02:58 £6
Catch me if you can
Butter outta cream (G)03:45 £6
Doctors orders (D)03:08 £6
Goodbye (Bb)03:34 £6
Live in living colour (G)03:13 £6
Macavity (B)03:39 £6
Memory (Bb)04:30 £6
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer (C#)03:48 £6
CCHS the musical - Anna Pool
Where are the boys (Eb)02:51 £6
Charlie and the chocolate factory - the musical
Almost nearly perfect (F#)02:55 £6
Dont Ya Pinch Me Charlie (B)06:00 £8
It must be believed to be seen (Fm)04:33 £6
It must be believed to be seen (reprise) (Orig)02:06 £6
More of him to love (Ab)02:12 £6
Simply Second Nature (Ab)05:08 £8
Strike That! Reverse It! (A)05:27 £8
The Amazing Tale of Mr. Willy Wonka (Cm)05:22 £8
The double bubble Duchess (B)02:48 £6
Veruca’s nutcracker sweet (Em)02:15 £6
Charlie girl
Bells will ring (Eb)02:57 £6
Heaven help my heart (D)03:12 £6
I know him so well (Bb)04:04 £6
All That Jazz (Bb)02:31 £6
Razzle dazzle (Ab)03:41 £6
Roxy (A)02:56 £6
Sisters (Bb)04:47 £6
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (F)02:19 £6
Me ol’ bamboo (F)
Preview does not include verse 2.
02:34 £6
Team work (edited version) (F)02:35 £6
Copa Cabana
Copa Cabana (G)03:20 £6
Dancing fool ( Key - B ) (B)03:22 £6
Dancing fool ( Key - F ) (F)03:20 £6
Dear Evan Hansen
You will be found (B)06:01 £7
A dream is a wish (Eb)01:36 £5
Disney holiday (C)03:46 £6
Hi Ho (B)01:30 £5
I got no strings (Ab)01:21 £6
It’s a hap hap happy day (C)01:12 £5
Jungle beat (Dm)02:37 £5
Thumbelina (G)01:46 £6
Wish upon a star (Ab)01:55 £5
World in union (C#)03:53 £6
Zip a de doo dah (Bb)01:33 £5
Disney Frozen
I don’t need a man (D)02:05 £6
Disney Mania 5
Cruella De ville (G)03:16 £6
Disney Tangled
Wind in my hair (F)02:31 £6
Disney Villains
Disney Villains - The Musical (C)2:25 £6
Do Re Mi
Whats new at the zoo (F)03:18 £6
Easter Parade
Couple of swells (C)02:54 £6
Easter Parade (E)03:20 £6
Elena of Avalor
Elena of Avalor (E)01:02 £5
Elf the musical
** Elf The Musical complete set of songs **
Based on Original London Cast Recording, Contains all the numbered songs listed below.
01 - Overture (F)01:04 £4
02 - Christmastown (F)03:34 £6
03 - Worlds greatest Dad (G)03:36 £6
04 - In the way (D)02:30 £6
05 - Sparklejollytwinklejingley (B)03:46 £6
06 - I’ll believe in you (Bb)02:32 £6
07 - In the way - Reprise (Bb)00:42 £3
08 - Just like him (F)03:34 £6
09 - A Christmas Song (F)03:00 £6
10 - Worlds greatest Dad - Reprise (Eb)01:11 £3
11 - Nobody cares about Santa (Eb)04:08 £6
12 - Never fall in love with an Elf (C)02:52 £6
13 - There Is a Santa Claus (B)02:19 £6
14 - The story of Buddy the Elf (F)04:03 £6
15 - Nobody cares about Santa - Reprise (Dm)0:51 £3
16 - A Christmas song - Reprise (B)02:34 £6
17 - Finale (Bb)03:35 £6
Christmastown - Key ( C ) (C)
Female key
03:34 £6
Never fall in love with an Elf (Key D) (D)02:52 £6
Another suitcase in another hall (C)02:58 £6
Rainbow high (Bb)02:28 £6
Fame (Fm)03:12 £6
Finding Neverland
Believe (G)03:49 £6
Circus of your mind (Dm)04:27 £7
Live by the hook (C#m)03:46 £6
Neverland (F)2.59 £6
Something about this night (G)02:10 £6
Sylvias Lullaby (E)01:32 £6
The world is upside down (C#m)02:13 £6
We own the night (Ab)03:03 £6
Willamania (B)06:13 £6
Dancing is not a crime ()03:09 £6
Footloose (Finale) (A)02:40 £6
Footloose (intro) (A)03:52 £6
Lets hear It For The Boy (Dm)03:26 £6
Fun Home
Come to the fun home (G)02:51 £6
I remember it well (C#)03:10 £6
Grease lightning (D)02:51 £6
Summer nights (D)03:34 £6
We go together (Bb)03:00 £6
Grease 2
A girl for all seasons (C)02:56 £6
Cool rider (F)03:22 £6
Reproduction (D)04:08 £6
Score tonight (A)02:39 £6
Guys And Dolls
Sue me (Bb)02:36 £6
If Momma was married (Ab)2:54 £6
It’s Hairspray (C)02:19 £6
The gospel truth (Bb)02:54 £6
Zero to hero (F)02:18 £6
Hollywood Hotel
Hooray for Hollywood (D)02:14 £6
How the Grinch stole christmas
Santa for a day (F)02:54 £6
How to eat like a child
How to torture your sister (D)03:01 £6
Mirror Mirror
I believe in love (Em)02:52 £6