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Golden Oldies backing tracks
Title and Artist Length Listen Price Buy
Al Jolson
Red red robin (B)02:52 £5
Alma cogan
Belle bottom blues (A)02:34 £7
Andrews sisters
A penny a kiss (Bb)02:39 £7
Anne Shelton
Apple blossom time (Eb)03:03 £7
Apple blossom time - Key (E) (E)03:03 £7
Bette Midler
Sisters (F)03:19 £5
Bing Crosby
Dear hearts and gentle people (C#)01:59 £7
Pistol packin mama (Ab)02:21 £5
Sioux City Sue (Bb)02:11 £5
You belong to my heart ( Key Bb ) (Bb)02:28 £7
You belong to my heart ( Key Eb ) (Eb)02:28 £7
Burl Ives
Ugly bugs ball (Eb)03:21 £7
Carmen Miranda
I Like you very much (Bb)02:13 £7
Charlie Landsborough
What colour Is the wind (Ab)03:57 £7
Connie Francis
Never on Sunday (Bb)02:43 £7
Where the boys are (F#)02:38 £7
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cotton fields (E)02:27 £7
David Whitfield
Rags to riches (C#)02:13 £7
Deanna Durbin
Say a prayer for the boys over there (E)02:33 £7
Dicky Valentine
In a golden coach (G)03:15 £7
Dorathy Squires
Say It with flowers (C#)02:50 £7
Doris Day
Medely - Silvery moon - Moonlight bay (Orig)02:23 £7
Eileen Barton
If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake (C#)02:37 £7
Frank Sinatra
Don’t bring Lulu (Ab)01:43 £5
Falling in love with love (Orig)01:27 £7
If I had my way (Orig)02:44 £7
It had to be you (Orig)03:01 £7
Me and my shadow (Orig)03:15 £7
Roses of picardy (Orig)02:53 £5
Swing on a star (Orig)03:00 £7
Tree in a meadow (Orig)03:40 £7
You’ll never know (Orig)03:37 £7
Fred Astaire
Top hat (Orig)03:04 £7
George M Cohan
Over There ( Key Ab ) (Ab)02:31 £7
Glenn Miller
In the mood (Orig)02:24 £7
Moonlight serenade (Eb)03:14 £7
Golden Oldies
76 Trombones (Orig)02:03 £7
Adoration waltz (Orig)01:10 £7
Beside my caravan (Orig)02:46 £7
Boy from Brazil (Orig)04:03 £7
Broken doll (Orig)02:20 £5
Burlington Bertie (Orig)04:10 £5
Champagne Charlie (Orig)03:47 £5
ChinaTown (Orig)02:00 £7
Coffee Song (Bb)02:14 £7
Coming in on a wing and a prayer (B)01:45 £7
Coming in on a wing and a prayer (D)01:45 £7
Coming round the mountain (Orig)02:26 £7
Dearie (Orig)02:48 £7
For you (Orig)02:26 £5
For you alone (Orig)02:14 £5
Golden Oldie Medley (Orig)
Roll out the Barrel - Kiss me goodnight sgt major - You are my sunshine - Hokey Cokey - Siegfried line - Roll out the barrel
07:30 £12
Hokey Kokey (Orig)01:32 £7
I Double Dare You (Orig)01:46 £7
If you were the only girl (Orig)02:06 £5
Jerusalem (D)02:28 £7
Jerusalem - Key Bb (Bb)02:28 £7
Kiss me goodnight Sgt Major (Orig)01:18 £7
Laughing policeman (Orig)02:30 £7
Lights of home (Orig)03:01 £5
Look for the silver lining (Orig)01:36 £7
Maisy dotes (Orig)01:49 £5
Matahari (A)02:54 £7
Morning promenade (Orig)03:53 £5
Music hall medley (Orig)
I’m gonna get lit up - It’s a good day - I’m gonna get lit up
06:05 £10
My old man’s a dustman (edited) (Orig)02:22 £5
Over There ( Key F ) (F)02:31 £7
Pickin a chicken (Orig)02:19 £7
Put your arms around me honey (Orig)01:34 £7
Regards to broadway (Orig)02:04 £7
Rocking horse cowboy (Orig)03:08 £7
Roll out the barrel ( Key Bb ) (Bb)01:04 £5
Roll out the barrel ( Key G ) (G)
2 Verse Version
01:38 £7
Slow boat to China (Orig)02:36 £7
Teddy bears picnic (Orig)03:01 £5
The Army the Navy and the Air Force (Orig)02:04 £7
The best of times is now (Orig)01:32 £7
The best things in life are free (Orig)01:40 £7
The Blackpool Belle (Orig)04:01 £7
The Gypsy (Orig)02:46 £5
The last mile home (Orig)03:04 £7
The man that broke the bank in monte carlo (Orig)03:00 £5
The movies (Orig)04:21 £5
This is the army mr Jones (Orig)01:31 £7
Tickety boo (Orig)02:40 £7
Umbrella song (Orig)03:01 £5
Waiting at the church (Bb)03:55 £7
Waltzing Matilda (Orig)03:17 £7
War songs medely (Orig)
Long way to Tipperary - Bless em all - Long way to Tipperary (reprise)
03:16 £7
Wartime Medley (Orig)
This is the army mr Jones - All the nice girls love a sailor - Coming in on a wing and a prayer - The Army the Navy and the Air Force
06:00 £7
Yankee doodle dandy (Orig)01:48 £5
You’ve gotta have heart (Orig)02:57 £7
Gracie Fields
I took my heart to a party (F)03:08 £7
Sing As we go ( Key Ab ) (Ab)01:37 £5
Sing as we go ( Key G ) (G)01:37 £7
Smile when you say goodbye (G)02:53 £7
Walter Walter (Bb)03:20 £7
Walter Walter (Key Ab) (Ab)03:20 £7
When I get too old to dream (F)02:08 £7
Jack Judge
Paddy Moloney’s airplane (Orig)03:01 £7
Jerry Lee Lewis
Lucky ol son (Orig)02:58 £5
Jim Reeves
Moonlight and roses (Orig)02:47 £7
Jimmy Dorsey
Amapola (Orig)03:21 £7
Johnny Mercer
The old music master (Orig)02:17 £5
Josef Locke
You are my hearts delight (B)03:37 £7
Judy Garland
Great day for the Irish (Orig)02:26 £7
Life is just a bowl of cherries (A)02:05 £7
Meet me in St Louis (F)03:15 £7
Meet me in St Louis ( Key C ) (C)03:15 £7
You made me love you (Orig)03:18 £7
Julie London
Peg o my heart (Orig)01:48 £7
Julio Iglesias
Begin the beguine (Orig)03:53 £7
Kay Starr
Rock and roll waltz (Orig)02:58 £5
Ken Dodd
Happiness (Orig)02:11 £7
kitty kallen
Little things mean a lot (Orig)03:15 £7
Lilly Morris
Why am I always the bridesmaid (E)03:17 £7
Louis Armstrong
Sweet Georgia brown (Orig)01:43 £5
When the saints go marching in (Orig)02:15 £5
When you’re smiling (Orig)01:58 £5
Louis Jordan
Texas and Pacific (Orig)03:05 £5
Mario Lanza
Because you’re mine (Orig)02:45 £7
Without a song (Orig)02:57 £7
Marlene Dietrich
Falling in love again (Orig)02:56 £7
Lilly Marlene (Orig)03:23 £5
Marty Robbins
Walking piece of heaven (Orig)04:09 £5
Max Bygraves
Barrow boy (Orig)01:50 £5
Boiled beef and carrots (Orig)02:30 £5
Let’s have another one ( Key Bb ) (Bb)01:27 £7
Let’s have another one ( Key F# ) (F#)01:27 £7
Let’s have another one ( Key G ) (G)01:27 £7
Ma I miss your apple pie (Orig)01:41 £7
Max Bygraves medley (Orig)
Song to harmonise to - Wait till the sun shines Nelly - The old mill street - Goodnight ladies - Song to harmonise to
02:36 £10
Tea for two (Orig)02:50 £5
Tulips from Amsterdam (Orig)02:11 £7
Who wants to be a millionaire (Orig)02:24 £7
You say something nice about everybody (Orig)03:01 £7
Music Hall
How you gonna keep em down on the farm (Orig)02:19 £7
Music Hall Medley
Here’s to the good old beer - Rolling Home (Orig)01:59 £7
Who were you with last night - Who’s your lady friend (Orig)03:52 £7
Nat King Cole
Once in a while (Orig)03:00 £5
Walking my baby back home (Orig)02:43 £7
You stepped out of a dream (Orig)01:28 £7
Nelson Eddy
The old refrain (Orig)04:36 £7
Peggy Lee
Golden earrings (Orig)02:20 £7
Good day (Orig)02:49 £5
Perry Como
Song of songs (Orig)02:47 £7
Petula Clark
This is my song (Orig)02:57 £7
Ray Price
Heartaches by the number (Orig)02:39 £7
Richard Tauber
My heart and I (C)03:22 £7
Rosemary Clooney
Me and my teddy bear (Orig)02:10 £5
Sammy Kaye
Apple blossom wedding (Orig)03:20 £7
Shirley Bassey
Kiss me honey (Orig)02:33 £7
Shirley Temple
Good ship lollipop (Orig)03:45 £7
The Andrew Sisters
Boogie woogie bugle boy (Orig)02:44 £7
The barefoot man
Big panty woman (Orig)03:36 £7
The Paleface
Buttons and bows (Orig)03:11 £5
Tommy Dorsey
Music maestro please (Orig)02:49 £7
Vera Lynn
Be like the kettle and sing (F)02:22 £7
Harbour lights (Orig)02:45 £7
I’ll be seeing you (Orig)03:46 £7
It’s a lovely day tomorrow - Key ( D ) (D)02:20 £7
It’s a lovely day tomorrow - Key ( G ) (G)02:20 £7
Vera Lynn - Medley 1 (Orig)
This is the army Mr Jones - I left my heart at the stage door - It’s a lovely day tomorrow
03:35 £7
Vera Lynn - Medley 2 (Orig)
If I only had wings - A badge from your coat - Roll out the barrel
03:22 £7
We’ll meet again (Orig)02:41 £7
Yours (Ab)03:15 £7
Vicky Brown
Look for me in rainbows (Orig)03:39 £7